March 2015

Stretching Paper – Tutorial

So far my blog has been in a sense a tutorial virgin but as its been a long week of paper stretching I thought I'd write my first one. For all those who hate when their watercolour paper buckles and warps read on. Stretching paper before painting What you need: These are the essential "ingredients" you need to stretch watercolour paper. Watercolour paper, a tub halfway filled with water (make sure the tub is bigger than the paper), ruler, drawing board which is bigger than the paper (I use MDF),  paper towel, gummed paper tape, sponge, lead pencil and stopwatch. Step one: Cut four pieces of


TBT – The fight

  Little throwback to one of my very rare pen drawings - "The fight". I think this was the first one I ever made a couple of years ago. Goodnight everyone. xxx


Look what arrived today!

So excited my new archival prints came in the mail today!! First time getting prints done and I am very happy. Thank you so much to Redcliffe Imaging for printing them. Look out for them in my etsy store any day now.