April 2015

Chanel – Look 48

  C'est fini! I think this is the most detail I have ever done and I am so excited to see it finally finished. Now onto the next half of the project.


Pan Pastels

I've never explored pastels before but after discovering these "pan pastels" I am so excited. They are simply amazing and I am officially converted. For those who don't know, Pan pastels are a quality pastel but unlike the traditional stick form, they come in a tray and can be applied like paint with sponges or like I did, with makeup brushes. I used them for the first time last night to shade the face of my little Chanel girl and can't wait to use them more.


WIP Chanel – Look 48

Been a long week so far tackling this detailed Chanel piece from the Paris/Salzburg 2015 Metiers d'art collection. As of tonight the bolero is halfway there and I have grey's anatomy and my boyfriend bringing me countless cups of jasmine tea to thank for the help. Long day again tomorrow. xxx