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Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall


Tis the season for … Valentino red? Well, I can certainly dream of such. This project is ‘recentish’ but I thought I’d save posting until the season was just a tad closer to Christmas. I didn’t want to seem too much like the early bird, bringing Christmas into September, October like every shopping centre these days. This work was briefed to celebrate “Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall”.



I wanted to convey the Christmas spirit the Royal Albert Hall in a traditional but also modern and elegant tone. And what is more elegant than Valentino! You simply can not disagree. So I chose one of my favourite throwback dresses from Valentino’s Spring 2013 couture collection. Was so beautiful when Jennifer Aniston wore it to the Academy Awards that year.


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Love Birds

This post is so much better suited to be published on Valentines Day but September 9th will have to become an honorary Saint Valentines for these two love birds. I have been painting these two for what seems like forever but in reality it’s been one of those little ditties that I’ve been doing here and there in between other projects. Happy to finally be able to share them with all their four feet, fluffy bodies, her Hermes scarf and his straw boater hat that has made me very nostalgic for the uniform of Knox; my dads old school.

I’m hoping to get them printed into little greeting cards very soon for you all. Who wouldn’t want to give these two little lovers to a special someone? I am constantly reminded of the line from Friends; “The one with the Lesbian wedding” where Monica says to Ross,”Would you look at them?” and Ross replies ” Yeah, can’t help but.”

I couldn’t resist showing you this comparison I managed to dig up. I painted this chicken for a seemingly unfinished Christmas card around … 7 years ago maybe. I think I prefer the two on the right. Like true African Love birds I’m sure they will be mates for life.

Special thanks must be mentioned to my own love bird, who on top of everything makes all my delightful “Candid Cuts” videos for you all to enjoy. X


Miu Miu

Introducing my first “drawadot” submission. I have to confess, I must have been living under a rock as I hadn’t heard about these open calls until quite recently and I am very pleased to finally join in, and what could be a better inspiration to start with, than Miu Miu’s SS17 collection.

I had some initial ideas of how I would like to portray the feel of the collection, but seeing Grace Kelly on the beach in “How to catch a thief” definitely influenced the overall design. I was also inspired by Miss Frida Aasen, who walked in the show and was thinking of her likeness when illustrating the face.

Look 45/ Miu Miu SS17

Grace Kelly in “How to catch a thief” /1955

The gouache blending in the costume and the hat was definitely the most time consuming and challenging for me. Bright flat colour blends are not something I do on a day to day basis and I can’t lie and say it was all roses but I think it was the best medium to represent that bright vibrancy which was heavily featured in this collection.

Anyway, I hope you liked this brief little snippet into the BTS of my debut with “drawadot” and I look forward to the next one. X


Introducing Candid Cuts






Ambit – “The Half-Pigs” illustration


Been a long time coming. I haven’t shared anything on here in far too long and this post is long overdue but better late than never. Accompanying a short story by Giovanna Iozzi, I started by spending some very fun days scouring charity shops for frames and ashtrays that I could use for inspiration.


Never knew charity shops are not allowed to sell ashtrays but luckily I got my hands on a couple. Of course I ended up with way more than I needed. Typical shopping trip.




I don’t usually go about composing a peice this way but it was definitely suited here and paid off as I am now no longer a virgin to being published and the illustration was featured in Ambit 223. Beyond thrilled! To see the full image click the button below xxx


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Craftsy debut

tutorial craftsy hannahcooper hannah cooper illustration tutorial fashion


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Around a month ago, I had the pleasure of being asked to write for Craftsy and today my first tutorial was published. There is absolutely no right and wrong way to draw. While I most often love to draw from my imagination, magazines can be a great place to start in terms of creating a composition and getting inspired. Take a read by clicking the link above and I really hope everyone likes the post as there will be many more to come.


Bookbinding day

bookbinding coptic stitch hannahcooperillustration

Had a fun day yesterday printing out my illustrations onto book covers and binding them into little sketchbooks. Keep an eye out and you might see them turn up in a little tutorial for Craftsy. Im so in love with the little birdie! xxx




So lovely to wake up this morning after having scanned and finished off this lady last night. Ready to get off to the printers. Bye bye birdy! xxx


WIP// Bad hair day


After a long day I finally finished this little ladies hair. Bit of a tangled mess and I’m not very happy with it but hopefully I can wake up with fresh eyes and feel it looks better. Always one of my favourite feelings. Goodnight xxx


Preparing for a new adventure


After a week in the Cotswolds with my family, I came home ready to start a new venture. A couple of weeks ago I became an official new blogger for and I am very excited about my first post which I began work on today. Keep an eye out on the Craftsy drawing blog (link below) for my first tutorial. Fingers crossed xxx

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