Ambit – “The Half-Pigs” illustration


Been a long time coming. I haven’t shared anything on here in far too long and this post is long overdue but better late than never. Accompanying a short story by Giovanna Iozzi, I started by spending some very fun days scouring charity shops for frames and ashtrays that I could use for inspiration.


Never knew charity shops are not allowed to sell ashtrays but luckily I got my hands on a couple. Of course I ended up with way more than I needed. Typical shopping trip.




I don’t usually go about composing a peice this way but it was definitely suited here and paid off as I am now no longer a virgin to being published and the illustration was featured in Ambit 223. Beyond thrilled! To see the full image click the button below xxx


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WIP// Bad hair day


After a long day I finally finished this little ladies hair. Bit of a tangled mess and I’m not very happy with it but hopefully I can wake up with fresh eyes and feel it looks better. Always one of my favourite feelings. Goodnight xxx


Pan Pastels


I’ve never explored pastels before but after discovering these “pan pastels” I am so excited. They are simply amazing and I am officially converted. For those who don’t know, Pan pastels are a quality pastel but unlike the traditional stick form, they come in a tray and can be applied like paint with sponges or like I did, with makeup brushes. I used them for the first time last night to shade the face of my little Chanel girl and can’t wait to use them more.


WIP Chanel – Look 48


Been a long week so far tackling this detailed Chanel piece from the Paris/Salzburg 2015 Metiers d’art collection. As of tonight the bolero is halfway there and I have grey’s anatomy and my boyfriend bringing me countless cups of jasmine tea to thank for the help. Long day again tomorrow. xxx