Kathrin Jacobsen

Kathrin Jacobsen

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Kathrin Jacobsen illustration – Photo credit: http://www.kathrinjacobsen.com/

A couple of weeks ago, I and a couple of friends had the great opportunity to visit Kathrin Jacobsen in her studio in London. Kathrin is an illustrator originally from Germany with a background in both graphic design and illustration. I would describe her style as quite whimsical and quirky reminding me a lot of Quentin Blake and Tommi Ungerer. Interviewing her and having the chance to pick her brain was such a beneficial afternoon and definitely set my mind a little at ease in concern with starting out as an illustrator. Knowing there are so many ways into the industry and not just one straight entrance was quite reassuring. However what was not, was learning how much luck can be involved. Not a gambling girl, luck is not something I like to rely on.

Another thing I took away from spending time with her, was hearing her perspective on self promotion and the business side of being a successful illustrator. This is something I have been concerned with recently, especially when it comes to copyright laws and licensing. As she stated, being aware of the laws and copyrights is terrifying as they are so bendable, which expressed my thoughts exactly. Her endorsement of the AOI as a helpful company to these business factors was really insightful to hear and when I got home, I decided to become a member. I had been thinking of doing it for a while, but her positive recommendation sealed it for me and I have been so impressed with the help they offer.

Kathrin is such an amazing illustrator and I am definitely excited to see her new upcoming self authored and illustrated book. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of this in her process pictures. Seeing illustrators sketchbooks is always beautiful as its like a visual look inside their thoughts and mind. One thing in Kathrins that intrigued me was her how her character inspiration derived from family photographs. Taking elements such as her grandfathers large moustache into the character in her book. Without giving too much away, the narrative involves a carp and a dinner party. But do not worry, we’ve been assured the carp gets a happy ending.

I advise anyone to take a look at some of Kathrin’s work and get inspired. Her portfolio can be found here; http://www.kathrinjacobsen.com/


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