Love Birds

This post is so much better suited to be published on Valentines Day but September 9th will have to become an honorary Saint Valentines for these two love birds. I have been painting these two for what seems like forever but in reality it’s been one of those little ditties that I’ve been doing here and there in between other projects. Happy to finally be able to share them with all their four feet, fluffy bodies, her Hermes scarf and his straw boater hat that has made me very nostalgic for the uniform of Knox; my dads old school.

I’m hoping to get them printed into little greeting cards very soon for you all. Who wouldn’t want to give these two little lovers to a special someone? I am constantly reminded of the line from Friends; “The one with the Lesbian wedding” where Monica says to Ross,”Would you look at them?” and Ross replies ” Yeah, can’t help but.”

I couldn’t resist showing you this comparison I managed to dig up. I painted this chicken for a seemingly unfinished Christmas card around … 7 years ago maybe. I think I prefer the two on the right. Like true African Love birds I’m sure they will be mates for life.

Special thanks must be mentioned to my own love bird, who on top of everything makes all my delightful “Candid Cuts” videos for you all to enjoy. X

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